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Where It All Started

In the third grade I became enamored by the painting process and I have never looked back. I always thought that I would be a painter. Even when my life focused me toward family and farming, there was always an easel set up with a canvas in progress. I took as many painting classes as possible, intent on learning technical aspects about color theory, composition and brush strokes. Still life and representation pieces honed my ability to capture the details of a piece. And when I painted on site, ‘al fresco’, I found that the layering of colors produced the detail I was seeking, yet with less definition.  

Moving to The Land of Enchantment in 1973 proved fortuitous as I immersed myself in art classes and embraced the flexibility of acrylic paint. I settled down to serious full-time painting in 1994. Landscapes became an avenue that freed up my entry into practicing abstract work.  And here I find that any thought or sight can inspire me to paint. I know now that I do not need a conscious idea in order to start painting. Getting some paint on the canvas leads to more painting and an image (or idea) begins to show itself as I work. 

My latest work shows a remarkable freedom from naturalistic limitations. Art lovers familiar with my earlier landscapes will be amazed at the freedom I have discovered. A whole new vocabulary of mark making astonishes the eye. I have relegated subject matter to a place of vagueness while entering into a dance with the paint itself. This is romantic painting. I expect to be at this work for a long time.

Where I Work

My Art Studio

For many years my studio was in a building with other artists. There was both a camaraderie to the building, and a private space unfettered by distractions or unwanted influences. In recent years, my studio is attached to my home. I have only to walk a few steps to find my supplies laid out and ready for the next project, the next inspiration, and the next journey. 

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Said About Me


Edna is an Artist who does not shy from taking a challenging approach to her work. It is the emotional expressiveness of each piece that captures the viewer, before noticing the technical mastery.

M. Stouffer, Research Analyst, Washington, DC


A painting by Edna Casman is so creative and evocative that one can see something different in it daily. Her work is spontaneous and whimsical, and yet she takes its execution very seriously.

C. Matteson, Artist, Albuquerque, NM