Dancing with Paint

edna casman

I am having a lifelong love affair with paint. It is the ongoing exploration of color combinations and varying brush strokes that keep me engaged. With an element of boldness the pieces both capture attention and amuse the viewer. Evoking responses and engaging in the resulting dialogs are very inspiring.


Wrapped Trees with Visitors, VI
40″ x 30″
acrylic on canvas
 Faces of Earth series, IV
15″ x 30″
acrylic on canvas
40″ x 30″
acrylic on canvas
Dropping Off at Area 27
acrylic on canvas
20″ x 24″
Erased Wind & Water
36″ x 24″
acrylic on canvas



From spirals to honeycombs and even a murder of crows, the brain seeks out the details in the pattern. There is joy in the exploration of line and color.


“Landschap”, a Dutch word meaning region eventually became its own character and not just a setting for human activity.
Collectors have embraced this genre, making it one of the most popular styles purchased.


Stimulates the brain, inviting new thoughts and questions. 

It has held its own against changing art movements, pronouncements and testimonials during the last century.

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Edna is constantly developing new viewpoints. She invites investigation of the canvas with her choice of color and placement of shapes.

Jesse Casman, Oppkey – Developer Relations, San Francisco, CA

The range of Edna’s work is quite extraordinary, the colors and patterns immediately capture one’s attention, a visceral response. Whenever I was with Edna, I felt a peacefulness, an intensity, and a wholeness.

Peter Kelling
Art Exhibit Coordinator
Middle Rio Grande Sierra Club

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Pink Flowers and Dark Sun
Acrylic on Canvas, 2012
Trees Above the Tennis Courts
Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
Wrapped Trees with Visitors, IV
Acrylic on Canvas, 2002
Two Birds Taking Flight
Acrylic on Canvas, 2015